Anthony Yi

Anthony Yi is an educator of all ages in the Five Cities area of San Luis Obispo County.  Under the baton and tutelage of Dr. Eric Hammer, Anthony received his Bachelor's of Music in Music Education from the University of the Pacific.  Upon graduation, he assumed the position of Director of Bands at Arroyo Grande High School. 

After four years of developing a high quality music program at Arroyo Grande High School, Anthony began working at the elementary schools to bring music into the children's lives.  He currently works at six elementary schools in the Five Cities area, primarily Nipomo, teaching music to all the fourth and fifth grade students. 

As a saxophonist, Anthony has had the opportunity to perform in various capacities.  He started the XYZ Saxophone Quartetm which had performed at the North American Saxophone Alliance, NASA, western regional conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009.  The quartet has performed a world-premiere orchestral piece by composer Franćois Rose, and the Symphony No. 4 by Charles Ives.  Anthony and the Quartet have also had the honor of performing for the former President Bill Clinton.